What is Mission on Our Doorstep?

I imagine the Church as she can be.

Friends tell me I’ve been doing this for 30 years—imagining. Especially the Church.

Many years ago my imagination was limited to a certain set of images. Like the national landmark Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio down the street from my house in Oak Park, IL, I could picture structure and beauty, rich wood and clean lines.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Now, when I drive past it, the 1889 architectural landmark typically has a line of tourists. Yet it strikes me that the home today has only quiet echoes of its original life and energy. Imagine not only the architecture, but also Wright’s children laughing in the dayroom, the kitchen warm with food, Wright’s studio packed with creative minds—shirt sleeves rolled up and drafting boards out. This is life and influence bursting out the walls.

And isn’t this our church? Set on a firm scriptural foundation, full of structure and beauty—yet hollow without new apostolic blueprints for mission (Eph 4.11-13), the energy of a family that is known by their love (John 13.35), the fresh apprenticeship of the next generation (2 Tim 2.2)

I imagine your church this way. Ready for the Spirit-life of mission, creativity, family, leadership. The energy of a church alive.

This is why you must join us this summer. Here in Chicago we will host the largest and most important single gathering of Anglican leaders in North America. And our goal is to imagine the church as she can be.

Our theme is “Mission on Our Doorstep.” It’s about a church that lives “on the go,” but is even more devoted to the neighborhood. It’s about a church that learns to think of her parish as her mission field and her partners as the globe—bonded and powered in the never-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Global Family, Local Mission, Shared Gospel.

June 27-30, 2017. Come imagine your church with me. What she can be.

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