Legendary Gospel Choir Performing at Provincial Assembly

Resurrection Life Choir

Since 1989, The Resurrected Life Church International Celebration Choir has performed around the world and with many famous Christian artists including Ray Boltz, Ce Ce Winans, and the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.  This year, this legendary choir will perform at the Provincial Assembly in Wheaton, Illinois.

Dr. Ray Allen Berrhyill, Pastor of RLCI and founder of the Celebration Choir, has always been to reach many different cultures through his music. “When I started the choir, the church was almost entirely German. It took almost 6 months to get them to clap, sing, and rock together at the same time!” Today, the church boasts many more nationalities and cultures. “We have Nigerians, Ecuadorians, Guatemalans, African-Americans, Whites, you name it.”

For Pastor Berryhill, it’s not just about the music. “We want to see a manifestation of the presence and power of God. There is a hunger the world over for God’s spirit. In my world travels, I’ve seen Babushkas in Kiev jumping up and down and men and women in Tokyo skipping down the aisles. It’s a blessing to know that our ministry of song has resulted in salvation, restoration, healing and deliverance from the bonds of sin.”

The choir’s real purpose is to point people to the saving power of Christ in his holy Church. “The singing sounds great, but we’re really all about getting people to the altar. The altar is the place of sacrifice. The altar is where it all happens.”

Register now for the Provincial Assembly and experience God’s joyous, unifying power with the RLCI Celebration Choir.