“I Met God at the Healing Conference”

Get over your doubts and connect with God's healing presence.

Ashley was nervous to attend the Healing Conference at Church of the Resurrection three years ago. She expected to see wild images of beating demons out of people and preachers giving false promises. But this is what she told me afterward: “Who met me there, instead, was God. Rather than theatrics, the conference was filled with prayer. We were led in connecting with God through the open posture of our bodies and through our senses and imaginations. I learned to trust that God truly desires to make me whole.”

As the leader of The Equipped to Heal Ministries sub conference, I want everyone to come away with Ashley’s story. This is a gathering of all ministers who minister healing and pastoral care. Our desire is to bring all healing ministers and healing ministries together, to pray for one another, and to build friendships with the hope to release the gift of healing in all our churches.

It is a time filled with teachings, prayer, worship, and fellowship. We hope to offer time for every minister to draw closer to God’s presence. Our national team brings together decades of healing prayer experience and will be sharing their knowledge through stories, teaching, and guided small group times. Come and receive healing prayer and pray for one another. Ministers and lay leaders are all welcome to participate.

Register Now for the Provincial Assembly and meet God in his healing presence.