From doubt to devotion on campus

God Raising Up Leaders From Unexpected Places

Danya was an atheist who was angry at church and the only religion she followed was one she made up herself. After meeting her at a Greenhouse Campus Fellowship outreach at her college, she came to our Bible study and was floored by the infectious community. On our spring retreat she finally understood what the gospel really meant. Six months later she was leading her own Bible study and had led several others to the lord.

Danya’s story is the heart of what Greenhouse Campus Fellowship is all about. We are a movement of churches seeking to transform lost students into lifelong church laborers. We want to do all we can to own the campuses near us and see God bring a revival work on those campuses.

If you have college campuses on your heart, I want you to join us for the Greenhouse Campus Fellowship subconference. We want to get to know you and help resource your ministry passion. Come to the Provincial Assembly to start changing the lives of college students across North America.