ACOOL Network Group Meeting (Canons to the Ordinary and Ordination Leaders)


  • Greg Goebel – Canon to the Ordinary of the Anglican Diocese of the South

ACOOL was founded in 2013 by a small group of Canons to the Ordinary, and has grown since. We are currently made up of two subgroups: (1)Anyone who provides the diocesan leadership traditional of a Canon to the Ordinary (by whatever title), and (2)All who lead a major aspect of the Ordination process (Recruitment, Formation, Discernment, etc). Our gatherings give us a chance to catch up, and to discuss issues and challenges, to share ideas and resources, and to look ahead to the next year. We welcome new members, and hope to be a supportive resource to all diocese, to the bishops, and to our fellow canons. We are not a legislative or official body, but instead function as a professional network of colleagues.

Tuesday 7:00 PM (yes, that is correct date and time)
Father Greg Goebel