Stephen Leung Suffragan Bishop for Asian and Multicultural Ministries in the Anglican Network in Canada

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Leung is Suffragan Bishop for Asian and multicultural ministries in the Anglican Network in Canada. Since 1990 Bishop Stephen has been Rector of the Anglican Network Church of the Good Shepherd, a 127-year-old parish in Vancouver, BC, Canada, spearheading gospel outreach and church planting among the Chinese community and growing a multi-generational church in the city.

After being consecrated as bishop in 2009, Bishop Stephen oversees planting of ethnic congregations and advocates raising and collaboration of both the immigrant and local-born leadership. Bishop Stephen has a Th.M. from Regent College and has lectured in seminaries in Canada and Hong Kong on the subject matter of his thesis “Face-Shame in the Chinese Culture: A Divine Reverse for Spiritual Growth in Christian Community,” which is relevant to many Asian cultures.