Lindsey Feldman Leader of the Community VBS movement

Lindsey Feldman is the Children’s Ministry Director at All Saints’ Church in Woodbridge, VA and leader of the Community VBS (CVBS) movement. Lindsey also chairs the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic’s Child Protection Committee and trains Child Protection Workshop Leaders throughout the diocese and in other denominations. With a BSW and a MA in Counseling, Lindsey worked for many years as a Probation Officer and Family Counselor for the Juvenile Court and helped establish and lead the Juvenile Justice Parenting Program through Cooperative Extension.

As the Community VBS Director, Lindsey travels to more than 35 local sites annually and has journeyed to Sudan, Nicaragua and Jamaica to join teams of volunteers taking the Gospel to mission doorsteps in many cultures. In 2016, the Community VBS movement was featured in a workshop at the New Wineskins Mission Conference.

Community Vacation Bible School (CVBS) is a partnership of churches from different denominations united in the mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loving their neighbors. This unique model of stationary and mobile missionary teams reaches people in local yards, parks and shelters who have never heard of Jesus or experienced His love and may never step inside a church building.