Stewart Ruch Bishop of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest, Rector of the Church of the Resurrection (Wheaton, IL)

Bishop Stewart Ruch was consecrated as the bishop of the Diocese of the Upper Midwest in 2013. His vision is to see a Revival of Word and Sacrament Infused by the Holy Spirit in the Upper Midwest.

Stewart has been the rector of Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton Illinois since 1999. With a focus on the presence of God, prayer and fasting, and a collaborative and creative leadership culture, Resurrection has grown from 150 to 1000 in attendance. In most recent years there has been an increase in conversions. In the past dozen years, Resurrection has planted six churches.

Stewart is married to Katherine, and they have six children. Their first love and passion is raising their children and developing their family as a “domestic church.”

Stewart has a Master’s in Theology from Wheaton College.