Provincial Youth Gathering at Assembly 2017

Planned by a team of Anglican youth pastors across the country, Assembly 2017 includes a full youth experience—not just an invitation to a conference that’s really for their parents! Thumbnail Young Anglicans 2017 Flyer

The Anglican Youth Gathering has been organized where youth groups will join the adults for morning sessions and then have their own breakout sessions with prominent speakers, in addition to games and other activities. This is an all-inclusive (food + lodging) three-day experience!

Plus: Chicago Inner-City Mission Trip

The theme of this years Provincial Assembly is “Mission on our Doorstep.”  It doesn’t make sense to talk about mission without doing mission, so we’ve planned an exciting 3 days of mission work in inner city Chicago as a part of this year’s Provincial Youth Gathering! The trip is in partnership with the experienced Center for Student Missions ( Chicago center.

The Assembly Gathering ends at 1pm on Friday, June 30. We’ll move our group to the mission base of CSM Chicago where we’ll get settled and then begin briefing by 5pm. Our hosts will then guide us through a prayer tour through the neighborhoods we’ll be working with. On Sunday morning we’ll split up to worship with neighborhood congregations.

We’ll spend the next three days ministering to the people of the neighborhoods. Eating lunches with the homeless people we encounter, working with local churches and immersing ourselves in communities very unlike the ones we come from! Dinner each night will be at a restaurant in the area where we’re doing ministry, this not only helps us to understand them, but also blesses their businesses.


The total cost for Youth Assembly + Mission Trip is $349.00.

  • The $214 for the mission trip fee covers food, housing, guides and mission materials.
  • Participants can register for Assembly only: cost $135.
  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Assembly
  • The mission trip will end on the morning of Tuesday July 4.
  • Registration for both must be made in order to participate in both.
  • Students (under 18) must be registered with a youth minister if they are not attending with a parent.
  • Students will be housed in male and female dorms with roommates. (Do not select single room upgrade option.)


Youth Leader Registration Instructions

  1. Begin registration process for yourself. Start Registration
  2. At the bottom of the registration page, there will be a section “Additional Fees”. This is where you will select how many students will be attending with you.If the students will be attending both the conference and mission portion, you will need to check both the “Assembly Youth Ministry Attendee” and the “Post Conference Youth Mission Trip” boxes.
  3. If you are still estimating the number of students, please be conservative in your numbers. You will also likely want to select the “pay by check” option in order to make payment when your numbers are confirmed.

Participation is limited! Please get your registration in as soon as possible.

Required Forms

Parents must return a permission form for each participant.

  • Due June 22, 2017
  • Send to: (Young Anglicans office)


Parent Permission & Medical Release Forms for minors attending the Youth Gathering, ages 13-18, are mandatory. Youth Leaders / Responsible Adults should send them electronically to Kelly King at in the Young Anglicans Office.  A hard copy should be kept in the possession of the responsible adult/youth leader while at the conference.  This permission form is mandatory and should be collected by the youth leader or responsible adult. No youth will be allowed to travel to this conference without this form already submitted to their youth leader.

Youth Leaders and chaperones must provide a copy of their current background check certification Young Anglican’s office.

  • Due June 22, 2017
  • Send to: Kelly King  / (Young Anglicans office)

Youth Leaders and chaperones must provide a copy of their current background check certification to Kelly King in the Young Anglican’s office,, by June 22, 2017. Ratio of 1 adult for every 5 students is required for the Mission Trip and 1 adult for every 10 students while on campus at Wheaton College. Youth must be under adult supervision at all times.


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