The Church in the Community


Community Development, Historical and Current “Factors” Affecting the Work of the Church

The premise of community development programs is based on fixing, or at minimum alleviating, the schism between prosperity and poverty for a world in need. This complex void is what we call disparity. It is a series of environmental forces that touch upon pressure points in the daily life of an individual and a family and throw it out of balance. These forces (ecological, political, economic, socio-cultural, demographic, and technological, and religious) are themselves not the cause, but simply the players in the genesis, process, and outcomes in daily living. The church needs to look at the historical facts and the current trends to be able to adequately extrapolate biblical teaching into a world that oversimplifies solutions and inadequately meets the need. In this session, we will look at the complexity and the “factors” associated with successful community development to assist church leaders in making biblical and spiritually sound tactical decisions for God and His Kingdom.