Daughters of the Holy Cross


  • Julie Wahtola – Provincial Past President, Daughters of the Holy Cross

Come learn more about the Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross, meet your DHC sisters, encourage each other, and contribute to lively discussion.

Look for the DHC banner in the dining area and bring your lunch to the space reserved for:

  • All members of the Order
  • All women who think they may be receiving a call to membership*
  • All women who never heard of this “best kept secret in the ACNA”
  • All clergy who want to know more about this fast-growing Order

Since the Institution of The Order of the Daughters of the Holy Cross in 2009, 1331 women have received and been obedient to a call to enter the Order. Prior to being admitted, candidates observe a three-month period of discernment. Daughters are found in Canada and almost every US diocese. As they live out the DHC Vow of Prayer, Service, Study and Evangelism, Daughters strengthen their local church and contribute to the ACNA at every level.

*Quoting from the DHC Handbook: No woman decides for herself to enter the Order. Each member is called into the Order by the Lord Jesus, whose cross they wear.