The Small Church and the Small Town

Hosted by: MissioCorps


  • Jens Notstad – Director of MissioCorps, Church Planter in South Central Wisconsin
  • Michael Niebauer – Rector, Incarnation Church, State College, PA

Growing Our Churches Without Worrying About Numbers

Beginning a church in a new community often means starting small, and one of the challenges often faced by church planters is how to pray for lives to be transformed by Christ while not being weighed down by numerical attendance. This session will examine the problems associated with church planting strategies that focus on numbers, especially in rural and small town areas, and suggest a way forward for church planters that construes the task of mission as one that seeks to glorify God.

Led by Jens Notstad, the son of a dairy farmer and current church planter in rural Wisconsin, and Rev. Michael Niebauer, who is rector of Incarnation Church in State College, PA.