Reaching Millennials for Christ: Anglican Roots of the Fellows Movement


    The Fellows Initiative:

  • Kate Harris – Interim Executive Director, The Fellows Initiative
  • Geoff and Becca Chapman – Rector, St Stephens Anglican Church & Fellows Initiative Leader

The Fellows Initiative (TFI) is a network of local church-based Fellows programs that help recent college graduates connect their faith to all of life. The Fellows model started at The Falls Church Anglican more than 20 years ago, was first expanded by St. Stephens Church in Sewickley, PA and in the past 10 years has traveled and taken root in new congregations and regions across the country and around the world. In every location, the Fellows model consistently demonstrates its power to transform the lives of young adults in a mature understanding of faith as well as to strengthen the local church by offering teaching and practice in six essential areas:

  • Work (professional internships and mentoring)
  • Theological Study (seminary courses and bible study)
  • Service (regular weekly commitments in the church and community)
  • Hospitality (shared living with host families or in community, and mentoring)
  • Community (weekly dinner, retreats, accountability)
  • Cultural Engagement (special events, readings, cultural events)

Join us for this seminar to learn more about the Fellows movement and its unique power to equip and transform young men and women for a lifetime of service to Christ in the church and the world.