Community Vacation Bible School: Coming to a neighborhood near you?


Are there thirsty people in your neighborhood?  Come and learn how to become an ambassador for Christ in your mission field, right on the streets where you and the members of your church live. Community Vacation Bible School (CVBS) is a partnership of churches from different denominations united in the mission of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and loving their neighbors.  This unique model of stationary and mobile missionary teams reaches people in local yards, parks and shelters who have never heard of Jesus or experienced His love and may never step inside a church building.  CVBS has powerfully touched hundreds of families in rural, suburban and inner city communities.   After experiencing this model locally, Community Vacation Bible School volunteers of all ages have then taken CVBS to neighborhoods in Sudan, Jamaica, Nicaragua, and Thailand and this year will also travel to the Ukraine.  Come learn how God can use you and the members of your church to be vessels through which the Living Water is shared in your neighborhood and beyond!