The Anglican realignment today: GAFCON and the Way forward


  • Phil Ashey – President & CEO, American Anglican Council (AAC)

Featuring the Rev. Canon Phil Ashey, author of Anglican Conciliarism. We are in the midst of a global Anglican Realignment as profound as the Reformation itself. The presence of the GAFCON Primates with us at this Provincial Assembly is a witness to the implications of this global realignment today. But here is the missional question: How, in the midst of the pressures of time and context, does the Church both remain faithful to the teaching and practice of the apostles and yet witness relevantly and in context to the truth of the Gospel among these changes and chances of history. The Anglican status quo has failed. Come and discover how GAFCON, through the recovery of a common confession and Biblical principles for decision making in Councils, can restore the global Anglican Communion in both faithfulness and mission.