Wednesday — June 28

Opening Eucharist Service, Opening Plenary, Workshops, and Evening Plenary

Opening Eucharist & Sermon

The Anglican Church in North America gathers for worship with guests, Bishops and Archbishops from all over the world. Procession of Primates, Archbishops and Bishops Eucharist Celebrant and Sermon by Archbishop Foley Beach —”Mission on Our Doorstep”…

Plenary: Local Mission

Training leaders, multiplying congregations, and multiplying movements in Chicagoland.…

Gatherings Wed 2p

  • Growing a National Partnership of Healing Ministers
  • The Church in the Nursing Home
  • Who Really is My Neighbor? Stories of Love around the World
  • God’s Heart for College Campuses
  • UA Subconference – The Vision and Heart of United Adoration
  • Forming Young Hearts in Anglican Families
  • Deacons
  • Liderazgo Misional Como Parte de Una Iglesia Mundial
  • The Anglican realignment today: GAFCON and the Way forward
  • Who is the Black Church?
  • Gospel-centered Church Planting
  • A Vision and Theology of Ministry in a Multi-ethnic Context
  • Foundations & Language

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Gatherings Wed 4p

  • Community Vacation Bible School: Coming to a neighborhood near you?
  • Understanding and Discipling Second Generation Immigrant Youth
  • Do Something: Practical Steps toward Doing Mission on Our Doorstep
  • Spiritual Discussions in the Workplace
  • How Do I Minister to College Students?
  • The Small Church and the Small Town
  • UA Subconference – The Vision and Heart of United Adoration
  • Clergywomen
  • Walking across the street
  • Sacramental Church Planting
  • Hospitality: The Hallmark of a Welcoming Christian Community
  • Healing Life’s Hurts
  • How is Faith Formed? (The Committee for Catechesis)
  • Reaching Millennials for Christ: Anglican Roots of the Fellows Movement
  • Ministrando desde el Corazón: Intimidad y Cristo en Nosotros
  • Misión, Visión, Familia, y Una Cosmovisión Sacramental

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Global Family Worship Night (Open to Public)

A powerful evening with Louie Giglio, special guests, and featuring  the Chicago’s Resurrected Life Church International Celebration Choir. Evening Opened to Public This evening plenary of the 2017 Provincial Assembly is now open to the public. Registration is not required to attend the evening’s performance and worship. The 2017 Provincial Assembly at meeting at Wheaton College…